Welcome to Patience Driving School

The Patience Driving School, licensed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, has been in business for over 22 years. Evald J. Millien founded the driving school in 1988. The school specializes in teaching proper and effective techniques to ensure the safest driving. It has instructors who are most skilled and patient in their profession, such that even learners with anxiety can turn into confident drivers.
We at Patience Driving School believe that patience is essential for safe driving. We offer extensive Road Test Preparations. If you are currently with a driving school that makes you feel uncomfortable or that makes you nervous, give us a call. We value making our students feel their most comfortable so that they can learn their best.

β€œIt is truly a passion of mine. There is absolutely no greater accomplishment than transforming my students into safe and confident drivers.” –Evald J. Millien

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